Omg! I'm starting to be in panic mode. Where are all the days gone?! Time flies really fast. We haven't got much of any progress yet but lately I've been working my ass on it. 

Here's some updates:

1. Finally decided and made up our mind with the venue and reception.. after a looong search and lots of changing minds.. geeezz! -_-

2. Sort of done with our entourage & gueslist. Draft only.

3. 25 % done with this site, still so many post and updates to do. 

Waaa, that's it! Goodluck for our six months preps. I'm trying to calm down and take it easy. hehe. 

Mother in law :)

Hi there. Youre doing good with this sides. Really nice pics here too.
Im looking so forward to the great trip to Phillipines. Wish u two all the you :))
Hughs and kisses from MIL


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