Groom's Parents


Mr. Lars O
ddvar Lien & 

Mrs. Ingrid Engum Flåtten

Bride's Parents


Mr. Angeles Bongais &
Mrs. Wenifreda Bongais

Principal Sponsors


Karin 'Mimmi' Solberg & 
James Robert Thompson Meiklejohn

Mimmi is Lars' favorite person until I met her and I knew why! She's one of the true kindest and thoughtful grandma ever. She never fails to make Lars teary eyed of her advises, stories and letters. 

James is also one sweet and funny grandpa. :)

Secondary Sponsors

Ida Helene Lien

Lars' only sister. She's the exact girl version of Lars. A great mother of Sander. :)


Daphne Louise Silla

My bestfriend and partner in crime and kakikayan in FEU. I miss her a lot! She's a certified crush ng bayan! 


Kat Huang

She's my housemate before and now working in the US.  She was there with me and helped me during my down moments and I really appreciate it a lot. I'll never forget the time you left a xmas gift for me hanging outside my door. That was my saddest xmas without him. Super natouch ako dun ever! :)

Marygen Llaneta

She's one of my closest friends. We click together. My kakikayan and shopping buddy!  

Best Man


André Østerfeldt

Grooms bestfriend...


Alvin Bongais

The only thorn among the roses. Hehe. He's our one and only brother. 

Maid of Honor


Maricel Refereza

Brides bestfriend since elementary days. She's now a nurse working in Dubai. We've been through a lot and she knows my every lil' secrets. hehe.


Gelli Ann Bongais

She's the angel of the family. My kindest sister ever. They said she's the prettiest of us all but I disagree. I know it's me! haha :P She's the younger version of my oldest sister. :) She's so mahinhin, masunurin, and the most helpful of us all. 

Crista Marie Bongais

She's our youngest. We have lots of things in common. 
If Gelli ann is the version of my oldest sister, Crista is the younger version of me. She's as smart as me but I'm just whiter than her.. hehe. I love to tease her a lot, that's why she kinda' hates me but I know she misses me. hehe



Sander Engum Westgård

Lars' first nephew. He's so adorable and a smart kid. I'd love to have a kid like him! 


Bob Andrei Ortinero

My first ever nephew. He's so makulit and a camwhore like me. :P

Flower Girls

Princess Walton

The pretty daughter of my closest friend, Jane. She's also my inaanak. :)

Chloe Denise Ortinero

My first ever niece. I call her kiray! hehe


She's our sweetest, cutest and our hyperactive clever dog! I really want here to be part of our entourage, if only we can bring her to Philippines :(